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Mobile app | Excercise for CalArts course UI/UX specialisatioin|November 2020

Style up your interior space naturally with homey plants and flowers to live happily ever after!


Problem Statement

We now find ourselves spending so much more time in our houses, working, and living. A way to purify and enhance the aesthetics of our living is by adding indoor plants and flowers. However, many people struggle with deciding which plants are the best for their space and how they will maintain them for a long time.


A tool that gives you the ability to test in place suitable plants for your rooms and helps you with the maintenance after you buy them. By this way you eliminate the possibilities of having a plant that is not the right size and type for your space (too tall, too short, too big etc.) and you save time and money by testing in place what you’re buying without the need of a specialist.

Business Opportunities

This app would be a useful tool for interior designers/ decorators to demonstrate their work keep track of their proposals and share projects with their clients.



During the phase of ideation, I created a list of all the functions I through should be included in  the app 

Search for plants or accessories


Save your selections by room


Test your plant decoration in place through camera


Add your saved selections in the space


Capture and save photos for later comparison


Order through the app plants & accessories (vases/pots)


Pin your plants in the rooms


Follow instructions on the app for aftercare maintenance

Market Research

Existing applications offer watering and plant-care instructions. Also, there are apps that offer AR solutions for testing furniture in your space. 


Happy Plant

Happy Plant is a watering app that reminds you to water your plants so they can keep living healthy. 


Planta is a plant-care app which helps you look after all your houseplants by following care schedules.


Myty AR: Interior design tool which allows for 3D models to blend with real environment, so users can get an idea how particular furniture piece would look like in their own space through augmented reality technology.

User Personas


Sandra Goldsmith

Sandra is a 32-year-old professional based in London that lives in a flat on her own. She is working a lot from home and she wants to invest in some houseplants to freshen up her space, but she doesn't have a clear idea of what would be suitable. Using LULUDI will not only help her to define the best options to improve her interior but also save time and money. At the same time, LULUDI will help her maintain her houseplants for a long time.


Mike Brown


Mike is a 45-year-old florist that owns a flower store in Stoke Newington, London. He is looking to expand his business to include interior plant consultancy. LULUDI is going to be a useful tool for him to organise his projects, test plant proposals for interiors and share ideas with his clients.

4 potential roles of users

  • ​People decorating their flat/office​

  • Interior designers as a tool for adding plants/flower decoration to their designs​

  • Florists that specialise in indoor plants/flowers​

  • Plant maintenance services professionals

Information Architecture

Frame 3.png


During this phase sketches and low fidelity wireframes were created. These were used in the next phase of user testing.

iPad Pro 12.9_ - 1.jpg

User Testing

I tested the usability of the app and noted any issues and user's frustrations. Then I tried to improve some of the functions based on my observations.

Visual Identity


Laila dark.png

Bold & Regular used in different sizes for headers, sub-headers, body text and buttons 



Finally, I created the hi-fidelity screens and compiled the prototype 

Login – 2.jpg
Add first room – 14.jpg
Add first room – 11.jpg
Add room details – name.jpg
Search plants – 1.jpg
Living room - pinned items.jpg
Camera on – 5.jpg

Thank you for scrolling till the end!


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